About Joan

In Taking Care; Giving Care Joan outlines simple, straightforward solutions to the dilemmas and stresses of taking care of others, giving you tools you can use to handle not only the responsibilities of caregiving, but also to attend to your own needs and emotions as you meet the daily challenges of caring for your loved one.

Joan’s first experience with caregiving began as a small child when her mother became a caregiver for Joan’s maternal grandfather, Gramps, who had “hardening of the arteries”. ¬†Years later, Joan provided respite for her brother and his wife by caring for her mother every other weekend.

In December 2000, her husband, Bob, had a brain tumor removed, a cancer that had gone to the brain from the skin. When he began to suffer from the side effects of the brain tumor and whole brain radiation, Joan became his caregiver. He died in June of 2008.

After her mother died, Joan went to Boston University and graduated with a Masters Degree in Social Work. She became a social worker and for a number of years worked almost exclusively with the elderly and elder issues. She facilitated caregiving support groups and provided individual therapy for them. Joan began working with families of all ages and eventually in schools. Universally, she found that those caring for the disabled, or for those with chronic illness or life-threatening illness, underwent similar stresses.

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As a result of her experiences, both as a professional and as a caregiver, Joan has made it her mission to help other caregivers, especially new ones, and to increase awareness of the dilemmas and stresses of caregivers so that all of us may work together to solve the challenges.

Joan speaks to businesses, EAP’s, and human resource professionals to raise awareness, and to caregivers to share solutions.¬† Contact Joan today.