“When my Mom was in the hospital for three months and then passed away, this book helped me stay sane when dealing with the system, doctors, and even my Mom at times. I highly recommend it! Worth its weight in gold, especially for first time caregiver. Ways to take care of yourself, your person, and to make others feel included while giving you a break. Full of bright ideas (many of which were learned the hard way), Ms. Perry lays out in clear concise language how to determine what you need (as the caregiver) and how to achieve a sense of balance. Great gift for others suddenly thrown into this role, and will provide guidance to those who are at a loss where to start. Highly recommend!”  ~ Jami Rose

Taking Care, Giving Care is the most helpful book I’ve ever read. Anyone involved in caring for someone will love having all this great advice in one place. The author takes you on a heart-rending personal journey and shares with the reader everything she’s learned along the way. This is a must-have book for anyone who is facing, or might face in the future, these kinds of issues.”  ~ Bea Howe

“Joan M. S. Perry’s book Taking Care; Giving Care Essentials for New Caregivers , born out of personal experience is a valuable primer on caring for a loved one. It provides important information on connecting with groups and programs that can be of service and support for a caregiver. It also offers a convenient list of useful websites and phone numbers. Most important is it contains ideas and tips on how you, as the caregiver, must first of all care for yourself. You will come away from this book wanting to find out what is available to you in your community and how to start looking.” ~ Betty A. Gosselin, MSW, Reiki Master Teacher , EFT Practitioner

Joan Perry is a vibrant and inspired speaker. Her style is such that you feel you are the only one in the room and she is speaking directly to you. She can easily walk you through a guided relaxation, give you information (like how to not be combative) and instill you with the confidence to follow through. Her voice is, at times, both hypnotic and mesmerizing, and she has the presence of a master speaker, and conveys enthusiasm that is empowering. I cannot imagine a situation she could not handle with ease and empathy. I highly recommend her.” ~ Carly Park